This course is for employees requiring a Forklift Licence. This includes first time learners, those who may be operating a Forklift unlicensed or for an employee updating an expired licence. You must be a least 18 years of age to undertake this course.




Undertaking the Competency Assessment Course will help both employers and employees to identify any areas of concern, up-skill operators and ensure workplace policies and procedures along with any changes to OHS/WHS and WorkSafe legislation are kept current.




Over time forklift operators can become complacent, forget rules and adopt bad habits. This course informs employees about any updated regulations and site safety rules whilst also helping to re-enforce and correct poor driving routines. This is the most cost effective way of supporting your Duty of Care Responsibilities.



Assessment process

As we conduct on-site workplace training we require a minimum 5 students per a course booking.

We will send enrolment forms to employers and once returned students will be enrolled through Forklift Training and Licensing Pty Ltd (RTO 91548). It is important to note that enrolment forms require a Unique Student Identifier (USI) number. This is a reference number required to create a secure online record of your recognised training and qualifications gained in Australia and can be created here.

Each student will receive a Student Training Resource Manual. This is a self-paced learning resource that students are required to complete within a 3 month period from enrolment.

In The Student Training Resource Manual each competency unit contains relevant theory information and examples. Students are to read each section and then complete the activities. Students are also encouraged to supplement the manual learning activities with their own research, reading and seek opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge in and out of the workplace.



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